Saturday, March 8, 2008

Challenge...4 X 4 Friday!

The challenge at 4 X 4 Friday this week is pets! This is a card I created for one of my grandsons. I'm going there to spend several weeks with them in a few days, so this will be in the post to him Monday morning...just to heighten the anticipation (lol). I used a "Gruffies" stamp by Stampabilities, and a new fold I learned from a GREAT local Stampin' Up rep (thanks Yvonne!) The whole card is 4 X 4, but all the little bits and pieces make it look very different. I posted the card opened as well, just so you can see the way it's put together.

Now for a reflective moment (lol).


Aren't we simply so BLESSED to live where we do?

I wanted to share some of Maya Angelou's writing with you.
I hope you'll have a little time time to read it. Her writing is so inspirational.


I like them as much or more than I like almost anybody. But the women I like best aren't
always strong, and they're certainly not invincible.

They're creative, they're idiosyncratic, and they're around if you need them.

They complain, they console,and they can shop their way through virtually any crisis.
They know how to raise hell and they know how to raise children.

They can spot a scam, a lousy doctor, and a crummy boyfriend in under ten seconds.

They've perfected the withering stare that makes a nasty sales person,
flight attendant, or coworker fold like an origami swan.

My favourite women may feel bad about their necks, but they feel pretty damn good about their legs.

They do not trash their ex-husband's new squeeze monkey even if she happens to be
eight months younger than their eldest daughter; they limit the amount of money spent
sucking up to stepchildren; they try really hard to wish everyone well.

They've never met a carbohydrate they didn't want to have
a close personal relationship with.

They brake for sex, sleep, and solitude, cashmere, caffeine, and Joan Didion.

They've got nerves of steel, the courage of their convictions, and excellent footwear.
They're sugar and spice and everything I aspire to.

They remain cautiously optomistic.

We are strong, and when one of us isn't feeling all that invincible,
the other will take the wheel.


I hope you're doing something special to celebrate your SELF today.

Me...I made cards all day long...and I feel so lucky to be able to do that!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Sandy said...

Really really lovely. So cute.

Anonymous said...

so cute, I love, very beautiful card

Andrea, said...

Fabulous card, I love the stamp

Femmy said...

great card, your grandson will love it!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card!! Love those gruffies!!

Claudette said...

love the design of this card...image is adorable

3rdEyeMuse said...

your card if fantastic! & thanks for the MA piece. :)

thimbles bobbins paper and ink said...

Deborah this card is perfectly darling. You do "cute" so elegantly. Your touches, color combinations and this super neat 4 X 4 card is fabulous!

Jennifer :)

Chrissie said...

What a beautiful card, the colour scheme is gorgeous and as for the stamped image...well what can I say? It's perfect!