Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Created by Hand Challenge

This week's challenge over at Created by Hand is...use GREEN! For this fun folded card, I used a Quietfire Design calligraphy stamp, some patterned paper from Lazar Studio Werx, and a Prima fuzzy flower.

I've done several cards using this fold, here are the directions for you if you'd like to make one:

A. Cut two pieces of card 10.5cm square (4inches) color 1
B. Cut one piece of card 10.5cm square (4 inches) color 2 OR pattern

1. Fold each 4” piece of cardstock in half to create a triangle, score and unfold.

2. Position the two “A” pieces (shown in blue) side by side like the diagram.

3. Place the one “B” piece (the different coloured piece) so that the fold runs along the join of the previous 2 pieces. Adhere this piece so that the right side is over the square on the right and the left side is under the square on the left, like this diagram.

4. Fold the card over into a 3-D triangle or pyramid shape, then cut a slit (see diagram) so that when the card is folded in upright position the card can stay closed and upright.

5. After you’ve folded the card so you know the orientation, unfold it so it's flat, decide how you wish to decorate it, and have FUN!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Sandy said...

Wow so wonderful. Love this quote. brilliant.

I have a great Candy on my Blog :)

Anonymous said...

oh, this is nice. thank you for posting the instructions, too.

Quietfire said...

Very cool card shape! Very cool card! Thanks for taking the challenge!

http://truutske.blogspot.com said...

This is really a very nice card.
Thanks for interpretation.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Wow, how fantastic, I love the quote.

Femmy said...

it's beautiful. thanks for sharing how you made it!!1

stampingbalou said...

Wow, this is stunning - thanks for the tut and your quotes are gorgeous, love it totally !

Faye said...

Fantastic! And thanks for showing us how to do this.

Gillian .... said...

Brilliant card shape Debby, such a beautiful quote:)

Anonymous said...

thank for this great idea ! wonderful

Yogi said...

Wonderful card and unusual. Thanks for the instructions. Will try it out