Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A thoughtful gal...

...nominated me as a

which amazes me for TWO reasons:

1. my blog is only a couple of weeks old, and I'm still struggling to figure things out.
2. I haven't been a "girl" for many many more years than I care to admit!

Hmmm...I wonder if anyone will create a Rockin' Old Lady Blogger award...

THANKS for the honour Ms Donna from Stamp Source.

So it loooks like I need to nominate five more people whose blogs I admire. Please visit these talented folks for pleasure and inspiration!

Nancy Maxwell-James at Vintage Papers where she creates the most heartwarming, beautiful vintage pages of her family's history...and she's the QUEEN of the Gothic Arch card!

Laurie Minick Miles whose blog can be seen at Old School Acres . Laurie lives on a real workin' farm with her hubby, their girls, and lots and lots of horses. She creates these AMAZING felt pieces of art. Have a look at something completely different!

Linda Moyes at In Pursuit of Paper . Have a look at the fabulous ATC's she received for her birthday!

My Aussie friend Sue McGettigan's Wandering Star . I "met" Sue through a Yahoo group, and although I'm not there anymore, we keep in touch through blogs and TwoPeas.

LisaRenea Hughes, wearing her pretty Tattered Tiara . Check out her wickedly fabulous charms on the second page of her blog, and if you like cats, hers is the place to visit!

Hope I did this correctly.

A little note to those who've been nominated: right-click and save the logo, post it on your blog, and nominate five more bloggers whose work you admire!

THANK YOU to my own personal computer guru Jennifer for helping me learn how to create a clickable link. Oh my, this technical stuff baffles my poor stretched mind.


Lisa Renéa said...

Deborah, my pal, your just terrific! Thanks for the award, and
since it's Elvis week in TN, what a perfect time for me to get a rockin' award! Love it! Oh, I clicked on all your links and they worked for me.

thimbles bobbins paper and ink said...

Deborah, you ARE a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

thimbles bobbins paper and ink said...

Deborah, two more comments from me:

1.) I agree that we need a new category of Rockin' Bloggers for those of us who have passed "girlhood" by a long time ago.

2.) Oh dear! "Jennifer" and computer "guru" do NOT belong together. I'm as computer saavy as I am automotive saavy. I know where to put the gas in the car. That's it for mechanics for me. With the computer...I can type and turn the machine on. That's about it too!

You ARE a Rockin' blogger who is past girlhood. :)

Vintage Papers said...

Deborah thank you so much! I will be placing my award up this morning! bless you!